Seat Covers Unlimited article on car interior and seat damage covered by auto insurance claims and coverage

When you are shopping for insurance, you might not think about covering potential damage to your seats. You are likely thinking about things like replacing a rear bumper when you get hit at a light or getting a rental car when yours is totaled. But your seats can easily be damaged in auto accidents and other mishaps. It’s important to think about what coverage they will have so you can continue to enjoy comfortable and attractive seating in your vehicle.

Car Accidents

You are required to carry collision insurance, and that will cover up to a certain dollar amount of damage to your vehicle after a crash. If you are in a serious accident, the interior of your car can also be impacted. For example, someone who hits you from the side hard enough will likely take out the seats on that side of the car. Your insurance policy would likely cover replacement of those seats.

 Car Vandalism

Some insurance policies cover vandalism to your vehicle. If you have this coverage, the policy should also pay for damage to the interior of the vehicle caused by vandalism. For example, maybe you get an ex who takes a golf club to your windows and then spray paints the outside and inside of your car. You would likely get your seats reupholstered if the paint couldn’t be cleaned, and insurance would likely pay for that if your policy included vandalism coverage.

 Flood and Fire

Flood and fire are also considered special events for which you will need special insurance coverage for your vehicle. If your vehicle is flooded or catches on fire, chances are very good that your interior will be ruined, as well. It’s worth having this coverage to protect your vehicle, but especially for your interior. You can get your seats cleaned to remove the smoke or water smell if the upholstery remains intact. If the seats are seriously damaged, insurance with this coverage would likely replace them completely.

 Protecting Your Vehicle’s Seats

There are other ways to protect your car’s upholstery, even if your insurance doesn’t cover the damage. Getting custom car seat covers is one of the best things you can do to protect your upholstery. The seat covers will also protect your upholstery against everyday wear and tear, which is not covered by insurance. You don’t have to worry about stains caused by spilling your coffee or odors caused by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches getting smashed into the seats.

Your upholstery can easily be damaged. Get the right insurance coverage and protect against wear and tear by getting waterproof seat covers. You’ll have more stylish and comfortable seats, and you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

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