Life is very uncertain and so is your employment. If you are employed at a reputed organization and earning a decent income today, this doesn’t mean it will remain the same forever. And when you lose a job, you don’t merely lose a way to earn the livelihood but also the benefits provided by your employer such as the company car or a medical insurance. These health insurance policies have comprehensive benefits and protect the employee as well as their family at very affordable premiums. But, when you lose your employment with an employer; you not only have to look for a new way to earn your livelihood but also a health insurance to ensure a healthy future for you and your loved ones.

Other than medical insurance provided by employers, there are insurance policies that an individual may apply and get an insurance policy at affordable premiums. These policies are designed for who are self-employed, didn’t get an insurance from their employer or even those who are unemployed. Under these plans, you can choose their preferred health coverage, policy term as well as a premium you can afford. Below, we are going to talk about the health insurance options for unemployed and how they can get it at a cheap price.

Medicaid Eligibility


Medicaid is a pretty comprehensive health insurance program offered by federal and state together. Any family with an annual income less than $45,000 can qualify to get Medicaid programs. This family income is determined based on household size and the total income earned and it has nothing to do with your employment status. That means, if your family income less than $45,000, you too can qualify for the same, even if you are unemployed. Under a Medicaid program, both the insured as well as their family members receive medical coverage for most of the life-threatening diseases at very cheap premiums. If you or your spouse has become a mother recently, you can also apply for CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and receive medical protection at affordable rates.

Private Insurance Plans

Even if you couldn’t qualify or just couldn’t enroll for a Medicaid program, you need not worry about a medical coverage. There are various private insurance providers that offer a range of health insurance plans to suit different requirements of buyers and you can also choose one for yourself. Just by filling an online form their websites, you can get in the touch with different insurance providers and get private health insurance quotes offered by them.

 Take Care of Constraints and Limitations

Take Care of Constraints and Limitations

Even though companies offer a range of insurance plans to their customers, not every plan is made for everyone. Whenever you are planning to buy an insurance plan, try to know each and details related to the specific plan. Different plans may different benefits and hence their constraints or limitations. There are plans that cover you from usual road accidents but they don’t come to rescue when you are on an adventurous trip. Also, it’s possible your insurance plan may not cover if you get injured in a specific sport. Hence, you are advised to read the insurance policy terms and conditions carefully before you buy such a policy.

Protection for Pre-Existing Conditions

This is another big thing hidden in your health insurance policies. Though every insurance provider promises to provide cover for most life-threatening diseases at affordable premiums, they don’t do the same for pre-existing conditions. Various insurance providers offer a comparatively expensive premium to the buyers with a pre-existing condition. If you are already suffering from a severe illness, it’s much likely that you won’t get a policy at the same premium as others. However, through a bit research, you can find a provider who offers affordable insurance premium for buyers with pre-existing plans.

Cover for Expensive Life-Saving Drugs:

While choosing an insurance policy for you or your loved ones, you are supposed to know what all your insurance plan covers. There are the policies that provide coverage for your medical and surgical expenses but don’t cover the expensive drug prescribed for some life-threatening disease. That means you would have to pay yourself for the expensive life-saving drugs, despite having a health insurance plan. This isn’t something you would appreciate and hence we suggest you check whether your insurance provider covers the expenses of those drugs. You should gather different health insurance quotes from multiple providers and choose a low-cost health insurance as per your requirements.