Military life is much harder than civilians and thus they deserve a better treatment. Govt. felicitates them with several special benefits to keep them motivated and a specifically tailored life insurance plan is one of them. Govt. as well as private insurance providers offer life insurance policies to protect them against the injuries as well as casualties that may happen during the war and war-related operations. Along with that, these insurance policies help the family of insured with multiple financial assistance and benefits. Let us understand the various life insurance plans available for military people and learn about the benefits and coverage of the same. 

Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance 

Specifically designed for people associated with military organizations, SGLI stands with them in the unfortunate events of life. Under this plan, the servicemembers get a cheap life insurance that covers their medical and surgical expenses covered, in case they get injured in war or war-related operations. Also, if they get disabled during such missions, these insurance policies provide them medical assistance for life. Also, if the servicemembers die during their operations, the insurance provides them with an accumulated cash amount to take care of pending medical expenses, funeral expenses, existing financial debts and other essential expenses. The best thing about SGLI program is that if you are eligible for this plan, you will automatically get enrolled for the same. That means you don’t need to apply for this plan and if you fulfill the SGLI criteria, you will get the insurance with maximum SGLI coverage. Below, we are describing the eligibility criteria that you need to satisfy to get an SGLI plan. 


SGLI plan offers a long list of eligibility criteria that you will receive an insurance plan in case you follow any of their criteria. If you are associated with any military organization or have given your services to U.S. military academies, SGLI insurance plan is for you. Whether you have been associated with USPHS (U.S. Public Health Service) or NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) or have volunteered as a servicemember for Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) under a mobilization category; you become eligible to receive the SGLI insurance plan. Moreover, the members, midshipmen or cadets of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) involved in authorized practice and training cruises also qualify for advantageous benefits of SGLI insurance.  


SGLI plan offers a range of coverage options to servicemembers. You can choose from $50,000 to a maximum of $400,000. This amount covers your medical and surgical expenses during the and war-related operations. These plans also provide a compensation for rehabilitation expenses while recovering from an illness or injury. Even after their SGLI remains with them and it provides a free coverage of 120 days to the servicemen since the date of separation. For disabled servicemen, this coverage can be extended up to two years. Non-pay members who aren’t eligible for full-time insurance cover also can receive the part-time coverage under the SGLI program.  

Options for Non-Pay Military Personnel 

Generally, the non-pay military personnel are provided SGLI if they are selected to go through training sessions consistently. SGLI premiums are almost same for both who are drilling for points and pay, but the payment of premiums for this non-pay period is handled differently by each service branch. If you have a query regarding the life insurance policy detailsyou can contact the nearest branch for the same 

Cost of Premiums  

SGLI offers protection at very affordable rates and iyou own an insurance policythe premiums will be debited from your salary. Right now, SGLI is offered to military personnel at a rate that’s too cheap comparing the private insurance companiesMoreover, it provides the coverage for life-changing accidents at just 1 dollar every month.  

Converting to VGLI and Individual Policy 

If you are willing to switch into VGLI insurance, you are required to make a request within one year and 4 months from the date of separation. In case you do it within 8 months of the same and don’t need to go through medical examinations. While those who apply after 8 months may have to undergo medical exams or answer the questions related to their health condition.  Moreover, if you want to convert your SGLI insurance to an individual insurance, you can do the same within 4 months of the discharge date. Just by filling an online form on insurance providers’ website, you can receive multiple cheap life insurance quotes for your preferred insurance type. Comparing those insurance quotes for their coverage and benefits, you can easily choose your life insurance at the best price.  


Armed personnel and their families deserve a better life insurance plan as their life to too hard. There are specifically tailored insurance plans for armed personnel offered by federal Govt. as well as private insurance providersLearn about the different life insurance options available for servicemen and choose their insurance plan accordingly.