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Free Auto Insurance Quotes

The great boxer Mohammed Ali’s quote about the mountains and pebbles applies also for auto insurance. It is easy to get a car or a bike is easy which is like climbing the mountains. What really hurts post that is the when your vehicle is hit with small pebbles because of natural calamities like earthquake, tsunami , storm, floods , hurricanes etc. or manmade calamities like road accidents.

The pebble would be a giant rock if you have an expensive car like KoenigseggCCXR Trevita or a Lamborghini. Even for regular cars like Hyndai Elantara or a Jeep like Chervolet Silverado or the best selling car of US Ford F series the aftermath would be very high if you are in the most accident prone area of the US like Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. In Washington DC the chances of you getting hit with another car or vehicle is pretty high because it is the most busiest city of the world. The roads are full of traffic of all kinds who want to be at their place of destination pretty quickly. There might be drivers on the road who are due to some reason not in the radar of the cops. They are the ones who are abusing the speed limit or are under the influence of alcohol and drugs and your innocent vehicle would have to pay the price in the damage even though you are not at fault. The law would be at your side howeve time and patience would not be at that given time.

Similiarly there are weather related calamities that can cause serious damage to you and your vehicle. There are a number of weather conditions like snow, heavy rains, fogs which leads to wet or snow clad pavements that are the major causes of accidents. The fog also is an important factor due to lack of visibility on roads. These are consistent issues that happen every now and than but there are also calamities that cause major casualties that you have to watch out for.

Some major casualties were caused to vehicles due Hurricane Matthew in Septenber 2016 which caused 49 fatalities and effected the areas of Florida, Georgia and The Carolinas. Similiarly the 2012 Huricane Sandy caused a loss of around $75 billion. The 2014 mudslide in Oso, Washington in the end of March 2014 triggered around 43 deaths and complete destruction of 49 homes. The father of all Huricanes was Huricane Katrina which caused at least deaths of more than 1245 people. This is just one calamity there are several other calamities like earthquake. The Tsunami in the 2004 which came in the Indian ocean had caused a solemn destruction in South Asia.

What is the way to safeguard yourself from these natural and manmade calamities that hit you and your vehicle when you are onroad or offroad? The answer to this is getting the right auto insurance that suits your budget and also protects you and your family from these mishaps. Free auto insurance quotes lit gives you the quotations of the various auto insurance that you can take to secure yourself from all kinds of issues that can happen to your vehicle.

These are the major insurance companies that you can checkfor your insurance needs:

  1. USSA
  2. When we did an extensive research on USSA. We found that the company’s customer satisfaction is pretty good. The compaints are comparitively less than other major companies and if there are any complaints they are dealt with pretty well in a way that the best can be done about them. USSA also has a sister concern that is a bank entity which means that you can make an investment into auto insurance through the USSA bank account. They have special plans in place for active military members as well as veterans and their family.

  3. Progressive
  4. Progressive is another website that is a leading auto insurance company in USA. It is a company that is in business since 1937 founded by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. In 2006, Progressive expanded itself with special services of drivers of completely damaged vehicles due to accident. They also help customers find a replacement vehicle at a competitive price — and help them in financing it too.

  5. This is another insurance company that gives you a great deal of options in auto insurance. The company provides insurance coverage for damages, thefts, vandalism and hit and run cases where the customer is not at fault. Country Finacial also gives coverage in emergency road service, vehicle and rental trips and personal coverage against valuables in the car.
  6. One of USA’s top auto insurance company. It is also a leading brand that has excellent customer service and takes special care of all the needs of its customers. The reviews of this website are also pretty strong.

Other leading insurance companies are Mercury Insurance , Erie Insurance , GEICO, American Family Insurance, Nationwide and Travelers which you would also like to look into. We wish that you drive safe and drive well on the road and get in touch with us for getting an insurance cover that can be a back up in your auto insurance needs.